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  • Inclusion

    Inclusion is the mother of diversity, equality and belonging.

  • African Mythical Creatures

    African Mythical Creatures

    Many African traditions are older than similar European ones. This raises the question of where so many well-known stories and myths from Western culture came from…

  • Folktales From Kilifi

    Folktales From Kilifi

    A book design project of a collection of stories written by local students from Dabaso and Kakuyuni in Kilifi province, a coastal region of Kenya. The book is illustrated by the talented newcomer from Cote d’Ivoire, Rodrigue Dakouri. The Akili Trust was set up to promote, improve and encourage literacy and educational opportunities in Kilifi…

  • Daughters Destined For Purpose

    Daughters Destined For Purpose

    Here is the result of a collaboration with Daughters Destined for Purpose (DD4P), a Zimbabwean charity founded in 2016 which offers leadership and empowering women and young people through mentoring and coaching. DD4P launched a national poetry competition for young people which has a growing national following. The Poetry Competition is a platform to raise…

  • Talk to Your Children

    Talk to Your Children

    In times of stress, it is common for your children to want more attention. Talk, it helps. If your children have concerns, talk about them to help to ease their anxiety. Here are seven ways to try:  Keep up with familiar routines, or create new ones, especially if you must stay at home.  Talk about the…

  • Translating Covid-19

    Translating Covid-19

    We took up the challenge of translating Covid-19 messaging from governments and WHO about the pandemic, the lockdowns, and the eventual return to a new normal in a language and a feeling that everyone can understand.

  • Making the Unique 17Promises

    Making the Unique 17Promises

    We wanted to see how children would respond to the news if it was presented in a familiar way; that of the picture book, the textbook, or the chapter book. When we saw that it was working, we had to bring this new 17Promises style of journalism and design to as many children as possible.  …

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day

    February’s comment is devoted to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day. It is an American federal holiday marking the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., on the third Monday of January. Dr. King’s birthday is January 15.  Martin Luther King was a civil rights activist, and a leader in the movement to end racial segregation…

  • Afronaut’s 17Promises

    Afronaut’s 17Promises

    17 Promises is a publication that explains the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to children and young people. They are the most important stakeholders who will inherit the planet; the future policy makers and caretakers, consumers and workers that should benefit from the improvements we promise today. The SDG’s are the #17Promises™ leaders made to make the planet…

  • Afronauts Assemble!

    Afronaut is a new publishing project from Alanna Max featuring books about and for African children, the Afronauts. Many have set to see themselves in a book, despite the millions of folktales and stories from each culture on the continent. It’s been a dream of mine to play back all the wonderful ‘nganos’, or stories from my childhood…