Daughters Destined For Purpose

Here is the result of a collaboration with Daughters Destined for Purpose (DD4P), a Zimbabwean charity founded in 2016 which offers leadership and empowering women and young people through mentoring and coaching.

DD4P launched a national poetry competition for young people which has a growing national following.

The Poetry Competition is a platform to raise awareness, open dialogue and advocacy against the diverse forms of Gender Based Violence (GBV) impacting females and males.

Over the last 3 years, our annual Poetry Competition has drawn adolescents from a variety of walks of life in Zimbabwe. With the engagement and support of other young people, teachers, community leaders, international judges and media outlets, as well as opportunities through poetry development workshops and other platforms, the impact of the conversations on individuals and groups arising from the poems has been phenomenal.

The goal is to spark and foster conversations that matter and make a difference from homes to classrooms, work on every streets, throughout  communities and at all levels and spheres of society. 

Hopolang Phororo, DD4P founder

After attending the awards ceremony in 2019 it became clear that these young poets deserve to see themselves in print and after an initial meeting, the agreement was struck.

While we are hoping that there will be printed copies in time, the e-book version is available to read or download for free.


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