Talk to Your Children


In times of stress, it is common for your children to want more attention. Talk, it helps.

If your children have concerns, talk about them to help to ease their anxiety. Here are seven ways to try: 

  • Keep up with familiar routines, or create new ones, especially if you must stay at home. 
  • Talk about the coronavirus with your children in an honest way, using language that clear and understandable for them
  • Get involved with their home learning and make sure there is also time for play. 
  • Help children find positive ways to express their feelings, such as fear and sadness. Role- playing or drawing can help. 
  • Help children stay in contact with friends and family members by phone and online. 
  • Make sure that your children have time away from screens every day and spend time doing off-line activities together. Do something together. 

For more information, visit the WHO website.

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